Colorado Springs tonight!

20131228-081842.jpgDan and Bonnie from Elephant Revival. They opened my show last night in Denver as a duo. Tonight I open for their full band in Colorado Springs. Note Dan's tshirt! He's wearing my swag. I love them. See ya tonight in Colorado Springs at Stargazers Theater.

Oh- and thanks for coming out last night to The Soiled Dove. I was in a very chatty mood on that stage. One dude came up and bought a hat from me in the middle of my show while I was on stage. He just dropped a 20 at my feet. I like that. I felt like an exotic dancer and it made me smile. So I made up a song about him called Kev Drops A Twenty.

Today my rental car is a Ford Fusion with only 7,000 miles on it. Pretty cool car. Very high tech.

Peas be with you. And kale too.

Healing thoughts go out to Tim Flannery aka Jonny Strayhorse for a speedy recovery from his knee surgery. I love you brother. xo

Colorado Springs is calling me. But first, as long as I'm in Denver I must have an omelette.

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