Colchester (check) now Southampton

20111214-162411.jpgColchester was sold out. Crowd was a standing group of punters. Venue was an old building that looked like it was a church. All in all it was a lovely evening. After the show we drive back to London and I got to sleep at a recording studio. I may have spent my last night in the caravan. I'm feeling kind of wistful about that. We had a wee party in it. The thing is trashed. It couldn't handle the road. It's falling apart. The fridge became dislodged from the wall and a sharp nail punctured the fire hydrant and sprayed the whole thing with powder that probably has carcinogens in it. The kitchen shelf fell down. The curtains are old but they lasted the whole trip. I am a survivor! Now we will be London based for the last few days.

20111214-163244.jpg Note the hole in the fire hydrant and the tape over the holes in the wall where the refrigerator used to be. The cold air blows in so we stuffed it with old towels from some backstage room.

20111214-173458.jpg The kitchen is falling apart but I have big plans.

20111214-163641.jpg I'll miss my tiny little trailer and my little white rent a car that we used to tow it with.

20111214-163912.jpg Pretty soon I'll be back to my normal life. Is it ever normal? I'll probably even shave my face for Christmas. Tonight we play Southampton. The Brook. Sigh. There's a weird feeling in the air now that the tour is a winding down. I see light at the end of the tunnel. Why is life sometimes sad and happy at the same time? Nostalgia kicks in even before it should. Pre-nostalgia. Ennui. When I get home I have one San Diego area show in Ramona at Cheers on Friday Dec 23. Good thing jet lag doesn't apply to me. I'll be ready to play a nice long show. The show is almost sold out so hurry and get your tickets. 760.789.0270 But now, back to The UK. Gotta go sound check. Bunch of London area appearances coming up. This next week. Steve