coffee or tea?

I have been wondering lately what beverage has more caffeine? Coffee wigs me out. Is it a different kind of caffeine or am I insane? Last night I came home after a fine night of dining and several glasses of ice tea and I fell asleep 10 minutes into Letterman. Yet I woke up at 5 in the morning ready to rearrange my sock drawer with my mind full of thoughts like; "can dogs read my mind?" "Who invented liquid soap and why?" "When is a good time to take a nap in a trash compactor?" "I wonder if some of the episodes of Star Trek were real?" "I should try to pull out all of my teeth with a pair of pliers."Now what I'm wondering is if there is a delayed reaction to the type of caffeine in ice tea? Was it just pulsing through my veins on a time delay like some sort of out of control alarm clock? Does anyone oot there have the answers? You see, if I had had a couple of cups of coffee after dinner I would have tried to shoot my television set last night because of an overflow of instant energy only to be followed by a crash not unlike that of an 8 year old after too many candy bars. Please give me some expert advice. Yours Truly, Steven a.m. Tweaker Poltz