Cody Rush

I had tea last night with Cody Rush at The Pannikin in La Jolla. He built my very first website years ago at He was 18 back then and now he's 32. He's super duper cool and way smart. He also started the discussion boards at Now they're dormant with years of posts, but we still have them and they're just resting. We talked about upgrading them and I wondered aloud if people were still interested in them or if Facebook had taken over. When I first met Cody I didn't even have an email address or a computer. I have him to thank for kicking me into technology land. Tori has redone this website and made it very easy for me to blog and update. I thank you Tori! I hope one day you meet Cody Rush. Cody says he wants to have a house concert in San Diego. We're going to make it happen sometime next year. Sorry to bend your ear but I was just thinking out loud. Yayo! Steve

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