Chester (all day)

20111207-160733.jpgAt The Telford Warehouse they treat you like a king or a queen. We are just leaving now and it's 4pm. Slept in the parking lot in a trailer. They cooked us brekky and I watched more episodes of The Wire. The staff at The Telford are so cool. Everyone there is kind and sweet and accommodating. Here's the view from inside looking out on the water.

20111207-161121.jpg The show was sold out and the vibe was cool. Glenn Tilbrook is happy. Look at him reading his paper.

20111207-161259.jpg Now we are headed to Birkenhead. Right across the Mersey river is Liverpool! Right on. I have that warm sentimental feeling in my gut today. Maybe it was the fine cup of hot chocolate or just the relaxed chill day. I'm not sure. But life is happening and it's sometimes sweet.

20111207-161646.jpg We play Birkenhead tonight at The Arts Center. Peace to you on this seventh day of December. Steve