Chasing the light to Collinsville Connecticut

20110924-095313.jpgWaking up in Old Saybrook, Connecticut after the rain lulled my overactive mind to sleep. ESPN and baseball highlights and rain. The show at The Kate was really fun last night. Eric and Sandra opened the show and were barefoot in chairs with sweet harmonies and funny quips. they were really fun to hang with backstage. Irreverent humor and good times. Chuck Still books the place and still has a lot of Tennessee in him even though he left The Volunteer State years ago for Connecticut. He's a true southern gentleman and bought me some really tasty Thai food. Kathleen kept the backstage area humming and was delightful. Thanks to the fine folks at The Kate.

Now I must find tea and brekkie and drive over yonder to Collinsville for my doors at 7- 8pm show at Bridge Street Live. Another new venue and new adventures. Looking forward to seeing more fine folks out on the ribbon of highway. Peace, Steve

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