flakesfam.jpgMy dad was having a little writers block a couple of months ago so I suggested he just write about anything. I told him he should write a poem about his favorite cereal and he did. I really had fun tweaking this one. The picture is from when we first moved to Holliston street in Pasadena, California from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. My Ma ( Wini) n Pa and my sister Kath. Listen to Joe Poltz talk cereal below. Listen Here cereals speaking of cereals they come in all sizes and makes but the best for my money is old fashioned corn flakes the flakes are so crispy and so downright neat just add milk and some sugar and the taste can't be beat you may laugh at my choice for a light tasty luncheon but none can compare with these flakes i am crunching corn flakes oh corn flakes don't ever run out as long as i have them i'll sing and shout