Carry The Torch

laundry.jpgI keep seeing clothes drying in the sun. Everywhere I go it's clothes, clothes , clothes. Everyone has someone they love that they call family. The war here is still fresh and when I talk to people I feel a sense of hope mixed with sadness and loss. I hear stories of former friends that were Serbian fighting thier Croatian friends. I spoke with a cab driver who said he was a Hippie and loved peace but had to fight. He didn't want to but had to. He thought the war was so senseless. I really liked him and his sense of humor. The guy who brought me my food was a drummer before the war and loves music and played with Serbs and Croats. He lost many good friends in the war and had a hope for the future but yearned for the past. I love traveling. SJJP Here's a song I made up today: Listen Here!!! Carry the torch without me boys I