Caravan sleep

20120417-065654.jpgI've been staying in this caravan trailer action and the rain is so loud on the thin little roof. It rains every 40 minutes in Brisbane. I imagine that this is what Vietnam is like. I love the tippity tap of the rain and I dig sleeping in a caravan. It kind of sounds like nonstop popcorn being popped. Then when the rain stops I peep out the window and see the house next door.

20120417-070951.jpg Yesterday I went up to Noosa and jumped in the ocean. Golly gee it felt good. Holy moly that facking salt water is the cure for what ails ya.

20120417-071355.jpg Along the way to the water our yoga friend Christine the owner of Bikram Yoga Brisbane did this crazy thing.

20120417-072038.jpg This is something I don't think I'll ever be able to do. But I can do other things! Like play a show tonight at The Round. It's at 8pm. My last show in Brisbane and I'll be sad to leave tomorrow. I hope to see you. But for now I'm going to close the curtains in my caravan and go back to sleep.

20120417-072914.jpg Peace out, S