Bunnies on parade

20140416-211043.jpgOne time I was walking down the street and this family of Easter Bunnies was hitching a ride from Applegate Oregon to a new home in The Santa Cruz Mountains. They were adept in many ancient survival skills from hiding out in The Siskiyou Mountains with their ancestors.

The Father was named Horace Heebernathy and he loved a good carrot and gin tonic fizz after a long day digging escape routes in rabbit holes. He was a structural engineer and lived on a diet of gluten free carrot cake and lettuce wraps from PF Changs. He earned a good living and was proud of his rabbit family.

One day he was listening to We're Coming Out by The Replacements when he decided it was time to move his family from the rabbit holes that were constantly being feuded over by wayward squirrels and ferrets. He grabbed his daughters and sons and wife- Peanut, Flea, Jaco, and Stinson- and headed out to California.

He now attends concerts of wayward troubadours and poses for pictures with friendly tourists from around the world. I was in Felton California today getting a cup of world famous chai when I ran into the whole family on their way to a picnic at Don Quixote's. We hugged like a reunited family on an old episode of Oprah Winfrey. They came to my show tonight and bought tshirts. They will also be at my Freight and Salvage show tomorrow night in Berkeley and Friday in Sebastopol at Hopmonk and Saturday in Arcata at Humbrews. They wanted me to wish you an early Happy hoppity Easter.