Breaking News!!!! New Year's gig added

new-new-year.jpgI have just added a fun little New Year's Eve show at The Belly up Tavern in Solana Beach California. First I get to play a solo set of post-Rugburn material and then I get to come out and play a Rugburns show. This night will feature Gregory Page on bass. That's right, our original bass player pictured above will will be wearing plaid in all his glory. Stinky will be drumming and Doctor Robert Driscoll will be strumming and thrashing. So come on down and escape the cold weather for the warm environs of San Diego, Kaleeforniyay. Ring in 2000 and 7. The beach will be sunny and the fish will be jumping and New Year's Eve will be hoot I tell you. The video below was shot in New Zealand when I harassed a chef to accept The Rugburns award in absentia at the SDMA's. The reason it is so short is because the manager of the diner kicked us out for filming in his kitchen. Milan was working the camera. Bless his heart. Later on dudes, Poltz