Bowling for turkeys

bowl.jpgI'm a fixin' to join the pro bowling tour. I think music is stupid and it all sounds like noise to me. I reallly feel like I have style and grace when I bowl. This Thanksgiving I am really going to work on my game. Did you ever stop to think about all the cool towns that have bowling alleys? I really hope that Hellven has a league and a fine selection of bowling shoes. I feel bad that Michael the spacedog can't bowl. Will someone please invent a ball to fit a whole paw in it? I can just just see him limping down the lane on 3 legs with a heavy ball on his southpaw. Michael is left handed just like Jimi and Kurt were. I am playing a show in L.A. on Wednesday night at Largo. I play for exactly 54 minutes At about 8 ish. (more ish than 8) and then my friend David Garza plays. This is the night before Thanksgiving. Then on Saturday night I am in the temporary headquarters of Hellven in San Diego for a show at the Casbah. Stinky will be hitting 2 pieces of wood on his cocktail kit while I cavort with panache and aplomb and sing songs about bowling and dogs and election officials in Ohio. Please bring me a bowling ball or a book with some tips on cool bowling hairstyles. Remember the movie Kingpin? Those haircuts rocked more than Styx at the Palm Springs High School Gym back in '77. Happy Easter. I hope the bunny brings you lots of Halloween chocolate turkeyettes on toothpicks made with a hint of nutmeg by a factory union organizers from the bowling pin local #23. Yours in Mother Mary grilled cheeseness, Steve Bowltz