Boston you say?

aint-california23.jpgChris Modl fotog My feet are cold in the van. I no longer have a tan. Of Randy Newman I am a fan. I eat soup out of a can. Mr. Musial's first name is Stan. Out of the Brady Bunch I loved Jan. The guy who gets shot in my Johnny Cash song is a tran. Some of you have emailed some great video ideas. We are shooting on Monday morning. The song is 'Rains" and it will involve hamsters. Last night The Living Room in NYC was packed to the rafters with a great audience of old and new friends. Thanks for showing up and singing in your beautiful falsettos. Tonight we hit Boston like a wild gang of feral cats. We are hungry and in need of baths. But don't let that deter you from coming out to The Paradise lounge. I have a new found energy that I located under a discarded sofa on the sidewalk in the lower east side. My eyes are all aglow with crazy enlarged pupils like a speed addled trucker on a mission to deliver frozen bacon to all the Bob Evans restaurants across the US of A. Hopefully the state troopers are busy today at the apartments of their paramours. Sorting out laundered drug money from illegal informants that none of their superiors know about. While we skulk in the darkness to another sound check and sing into dirty microphones that smell like stale beer. Yes, that is my job and I am up for the many challenges and rewards that go hand in hand with the vows I've taken. I like Boston and perhaps while I'm there I'll run into those guys from Goodwill Hunting in a late night diner. They can help me with my math homework. How do you like them apples? Keep the video concepts coming. Steve