Boston Bound like a baked bean

20140719-124138-45698475.jpgMy NYC show was a success. Great venue and good crowd of New Yawkers with a sprinkle of fun Wisconsonites. Good times in The Big Apple.

Now? I leave for Boston. I'm shipping off to Boston. I play Cambridge tonight at the legendary Club Passim. I'll eat some chowdah for ya. I wish I could go see a game at Fenway but duty calls and I must report for song singing duty.

I play at 9pm. Get there early. There's music before I play in the form of Dinty Child. But at 9pm I'll take the stage. Maybe 9:01 or 9:03 but it'll happen. See ya in Boston! Oops. Cambridge.

Then Sunday night I'm Back in NYC at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3. More fun and games.

Let's all go to Boston. C'mon, everybody's doin' it.