Birkenhead UK -->heck yes!

20111208-003515.jpgThere must be something about playing right at The Mersey. With Liverpool right across the river. Maybe it's an energy passed on through the years. I don't know what it is but the crowd was amazing. Amaze balls a Rama lama Ding dong. There was an electricity in the air tonight. These are music fans. They were happy!

20111208-004200.jpg Now we're getting ready to crash out for the night. Eating some pizza and sleeping in our caravans at the venue. I'm going to dream of rabid dogs chasing my naked headless torso that is still able to sprint like a meth addled tour manager being chased by the cops. You get the idea. Well do ya --- punk. There's a cold piece o pizza in the fridge if you want it. So ferry cross the Mersey cuz this land's the place I love and here I'll stay. Here I'll stay.

20111208-005332.jpg Fun zone carnival wishes to you. Ride those bumper cars all the way to the candy apple booth. Pin the tail on the honky. Don't be so wonky. Simon says he's hung like a donkey. I believe I love the world and I've gone crazy at the same time I chew bubblegum and rub my belly. I'm multitasking. Love and umpires in zebra suits.

20111208-010817.jpg xo Steverino