Belly Up 

Hey San Diego! This year we are doing TWO NIGHTS at The Belly Up. This is gonna be an extravaganza to end all extravaganzas. Friday Feb 24 and Saturday Feb 25. This'll be my 8th annual 50th birthday bash. Where does the time go?  Bike in. Walk in. Fly in. Drive in. Boat in. Train in. Have yer pals carry you in.  AJ Croce! Peter Case! Truckstop Honeymoon! The Rugburns! And that's just Friday! David Lowery! (Of Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven) Vince Herman! (Of Leftover Salmon) 

Birds Of Chicago! More Rugburns! Saturday!  These nights are always classic nonstop musical hijinks.  There will probably be even more special guests showing up to sing. There always are!  Get yer tickets early. These shows sell out.  Feb 24  Feb 25 

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