20130404-132832.jpgI also found this one! I loved those colors however I thought the earlier Taco Bell uniforms were cooler.

I remember one time after going surfing with Tim Flan we were changing out of our wetsuits in his garage and he had a huge framed photograph of him sliding/colliding in head first at home plate with Mike Scioscia. It was an ugly collision captured in all its glory with the umpire signaling that Flannery was out. Tim said he had a huge black and blue contusion on his thigh and was limping for a week after. Anyways -- he said a few weeks later in the mail the framed picture was delivered from Scioscia and it was signed like this: Dear Tim, You fuck with the bull you get the horns. Sincerely, Mike Scioscia

Next time I'm off the road I'm going to go take a picture of this.