Beauty Land

20111203-140904.jpgAnther day, another gorgeous view. Something weird happened today- the sun came out. Oops! Just left. Th th th that's all folks. But hey, it's Saturday at 2pm and Milan just called me from Melbourne where it was midnight. I really need to get back to Australia. But you know what? Everything is just a day away. These are adventurous times to be a wandering troubadour. This is the way to tour The UK. Really freaking go for it for two months. Glenn Tilbrook is a true legend and a hero for asking me to come over for such a long trip. Tonight we play in Bury, at The Met. Another sold out show. More new friends to meet and sing to. Beauty land is where I'm at. The land of sticky toffee pudding. I hope you're having a great Saturday in whatever time zone you're in. Cheerio, Steve