Beautiful new banner by Meg Carter (and gimmee tour suggestions!)

Thanks to Meg Carter from Australia for helping me start off the year with a bang. Sweet new banner sent across the internet highway all the way to America. Speaking of Australia, I miss touring Australia and I'm going to put that fine country in my pea brain and manifest a tour to happen. I just need to throw it out there and it will happen. Dammit. I also need to set my USA and Canada schedule in motion. And I need to get back to The UK. I have frequent flier miles to use and guitar strings to break. If I don't keep moving I could rust like a guy just staring at a soccer ball. I need to plan a Northwest and a Midwest and an East coast tour of The USA. I know I got accpted to Folk Alliance in Memphis in February and I know I got accepted to South By Southwest SXSW in Austin Texas in March so I need to build upon these great starters. Today I shall start mt quest for world domination. I really did just get an offer to play a show in Singapore and I'll be damned if that place ain't on the way to Australia. Heart is beating fast. Must have a cup of tea and get planning. It's my Ma's birthday on Wednesday so a desert trip is imminent. My cold is waning and it's sunny outside. The Chargers won their final game of the season against the dreaded Raiders and they still didn't make the playoffs. The Tebows (Broncos) lost their final game and still made the playoffs. Football sucks. Can't wait for baseball to start! Give your suggestions for tour stops and house concerts. I'm all ears. Can't rust,

Stevey Jo