20130228-165428.jpgA telephone conversation between a husband and wife. "Hi honey! I bought us a sweet parcel of land to build our beautiful dream house on." "Oh you sweet sweet man! You did? Where is it?" "It's in Arizona near exit 259 off of interstate 17." "Oh it sounds like a great place to raise our kids and plant a garden for organic vegetables. I'm so excited. What's the name of our road we will live on for the next 50 years?" "Ummmm BBR." "Huh? What'd you say?" "Uhhhhhh Bloody Basin Road." "Aggggghhhhhhhh! I gotta go. Don't ever call me again!" Click-------------- cue to dial tone sound and then dead air and a close up of Bloody Basin Road and then cue the sound of screeching violins from the movie Psycho.

The Life of Stevesteve poltz