baseball, weiner dogs, yoga and utah

yoga.jpgBack home and it sure feels good. I forgot to post this pic of beautiful southern Utah. If you find yourself in Las Vegas I recommend renting a car and driving your ass a couple hours north to St. George, Utah. Go to Snow Canyon and then cruise up to Zion. It will blow a hole in your mind and all your worries will be carried off in a puff of cloudy caramel salt water sharkskin boots floating off and fluttering away like a losing lottery ticket in a windstorm. You see; my friends own a venue there called the Electric Theatre. The weather is beautiful and they own a couple of weiner dogs who like to watch freaks pretend to do yoga while secretly drinking beer. The dogs will bark and the hawks will circle overhead and you will yell like Tarzan. Next thing you know you will feel welcome and relaxed and your clothes will smell like Tide and you will want to litter some fast food cartons out of the window of your vehicle. The baseball playoffs are set. This is great. I have friends in New York and Boston that now hate each other once again. Hate is in the air. I can feel it everywhere! Sounds like a new song. How come I don't see the Padres in the championship series? What happened? Was there a mistake? Why weren't we invited to the dance? Houston and St. Louis? C'mon man. Ken Caminiti rest in peace. You were one of my all time favorite Pads. You will be missed. I remember shaking your hand in Wisconsin with my pal Joe Daly. You made our day and I will never forget you. You were a true gamer. God rest your soul my friend. See you around, Red Dirt Steve