Is it possible to be a Padres fan but also be a Dodgers and Giants fan? Look, I know I'm not well in the head. That's already been established but here's the thing----> we moved from Halifax Nova Scotia to Pasadena California. I was raised as a young Catholic altar boy to cheer on The Dodgers. The voice of Vin Scully made me feel safe and secure. My Dad loved em and he passed it on to me. But then--- I moved to San Diego. I got caught up in Dick Williams's passion. I cheered for the home team. I bled Padre brown. But then a man I love so much Tim Flannery aka Jonny Strayhorse left with Bochy to the black and orange. I love him so much that I started cheering for him because the Pads fired him from coaching 3rd. So now I love 3 NL West teams. You can hate me all you want for this but it's the honest dealing truth. I love baseball first. Then those 3 teams. I know it sounds so wrong. Vin Scully Jerry Coleman and Jon Miller! Pray for me.