Backstage thoughts in Aldershot

20111102-193056.jpgSitting backstage sipping a cuppa and thinking about orangoutangs and high octane fuel and rocket ships, orange juice, Nicaragua, Daniel Ellsberg, Ortega and Watergate. Mind can't stop what a mind needs to think about. You can put a finger in a dyke but eventually the water will leak out so just let it all flow. What the hell is in this tea? Lysergic acid and formaldehyde? Either way I like it. I'm just waiting for sound check, the winning lottery numbers, a getaway car and an alibi. This is a slam dunk crazy ass world full of lovely creatures and goblins and wayward travelers on a road to somewheresville. Somewheresville is a utopia situated in the nether regions of spackle land underneath a carnival full of barkers and clowns and tightrope walking bearded ladies of the evening. You should come visit and drink spacey tea with me on a lovely green park bench located next to an ivy wall transcendent in beautiful fall leafy red and orange colors. Somehow nothing clashes. We can wear proper top hats and white gloves and cook grilled cheese toasties and scones on a portable grill we keep stored in our caravan. Ohhhh the wonderful possibilities that await us. This life is so grand and powerful that sometimes I feel like I could cry. I really like it. Umm, I mean it man.