back in the u.s. back in the u.s. back in the u.s.a.

top-of-world.jpgLord have mercy on this poor tired boy. Fresh back from Australia and only 4 days rest and I hopped on an alumunum tube and ended up in N.YC. Just like I pictred it skyscrapers and everything. It is raining catscans and they hurt when they hit you on the head. By the way--do dogs get catscans and if they do are they pissed about it? Why can't they get dogscans? I am going to call PETA and axe them. Thankyou so much to all the fine folks in Australia. I love your great big ol' country. I wish everybody could meet everybody else over here and we could all swill an ale together and trade recipes for kangaroo tacos. mmm kangaroo tacos. My mouth is watering just think about it. They hop around in your stomach and it tickles. Come see the top of the world Chinese Vacation tour. I will be playing in a city near you soon. By the way; I am taking buses from New York to Philly to Boston to D.C. It is almost like I am a big boy and have a tour bus except it is the Chintown bus tour. 10 bucks each way. You always leave from Chinatown and arrive in Chinatown in each city. Chinese Vacation tour in a bus filled with lots of Chinese people and me in the middle trying to learn new words in Cantonese. I love you all so much my ovaries hurt. Steven Xiaping Ciaobang Poltz