Back in Nashvegas

hayzus23.jpgGot back to my room in Nashville and what did I find when i pulled out my room service menu? The Story of Jesus! There's all kinds of Jesus literature in every drawer of this room. I wonder if it's a Tennessee law or some sort of aberration. I shall find out tomorrow at breakfast. How did the show go you ask? I was awful but the crowd was really cool. I just didn't have the spark or magic. I may as well have been a wallflower growing in the sun. I probably only said about three words to the audience. Sometimes I just get spooked and feel totally out of place and rusty. In my mind I kept thinking, "man you are sucking tonight. Do something!" Oh well- there's always the next show in some other town. I like Nashville. I need to spend more time here and discover it and drive around the Natchez Trace southbound for hours and hours. This is the last place where people still sell songs and pitch them and have writing sessions. I'm probably exaggerating here but you get the idea. The Padres won an 18 inning game today! They usually lose those games so it was a treat to glance at the tv and watch the highlights. What would you do with 3 trillion dollars? I love this site and I think you will too. I got turned on to it the other day and I keep going back to it. Late at night I think about what I would do with all that cash. Sleep time, Steverino