Another day I'm alive

20110721-070856.jpgDear Hashem, Grateful to be alive another day. Shalom to you and peace to all. I woke up smiling to the sounds of morning not mourning and for that reason alone I am thrilled to be joining the many throngs of sentient beings swimming in the human tide of getting shit done. I would just like to take a short time out and wish everyone a glorious day or night depending where in the world you rest your noggin. If we all have an expiration date then it's sort of like we have a date with destiny. Maybe we all have calendar pages flipping off of our foreheads as we're granted a new day to be a part of something. So since we're all on borrowed time and we don't really know our final calendar date for the end of our participation on this planet then shouldn't we live like this could be our last? If every hair is numbered and every grain of sand like Robert Zimmerman so eloquently sings about then we need to celebrate the fact that our collective hearts are beating and beat as one. It's like a big human drum circle made of aortas and pumping blood. Let your freak flag fly. Participate if you feel moved. Woo hoo!

Damn, Bob nailed it when he sang those righteous words. Thanks Hashem! Steve Poltz