Ann Arbor tonight- The Ark! 


Thanks Chicago! Last night was scrumptious. I had a mind altering blast. Couldn't get to sleep because thoughts were zinging and zanging through my noggin. I appreciate you all for coming out. I love that Old Old Town School of Folk Music. I'll be back.

Tonight I get to play The Ark - Ann Arbor. This big two date tour is so easy. I fly back to San Diego tomorrow. But we've got tonight. Who needs tomorrow? Let's make it last. --- hey that would probably make a hit song. Shhhh don't tell anyone. Let's write it.

The Ark! Man, what a cool venue. I'll see friends. I'll sing songs. This is gonna be the greatest night ever. Nothing can stop me now. I'll see you fuggers tonight. Potato sack type clothing is optional. You don't have to dress like me. Unless you want to.