Ann Arbor Michigan tonight! Dec 20

20131220-093014.jpgThanks Indianapolis! Your golden smiles were contagious like the bird flu. The room was divided in two with a black hole making time travel possible and one half of the room became Sydney Australia and the other half the heartland of Indianapolis. It was a friendly rivalry of sorts with a grand finale of John Mellencamp songs vs any Australian folk songs I was able to conjure up in the spot. Weirdness ensued and the show teetered from the profane to the propane to the sugary sweet to flat out campfire sing alongs with s'mores and sparklers.

Now I drive to Ann Arbor Michigan for a show tonight at The Ark at 8pm sharp opening for Eddie From Ohio.

Life is good and I am sleepy. My purpose is to porpoise. See ya in Michigan tonight. SjjP

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