and the oscar goes to???

billmurray-steve-oscar.jpgThat's right folks, Bill Murray! I am tired of all of these hobbits winning everything. Bill Murray gets my Oscar nod. I demand a recall. If Arnie can do it than so can I. While we're at it I am giving the best picture award to Lost In Translation. Whatever happened to good old character development? A film that actually took place and wasn't totally computer animated. C'mon you guys, who's with me? Bill Murray was so wonderfully restrained and elegant. He is my winner and want to send him a glass of iced tea in the mail. Does the post office send drinks? Will you guys please give me your Oscar picks that you feel should have won? Is everyone a Hobbit? Do I really need to see these films? Please advise. Steven "Oscar misses Felix" Poltz P.S. Sofia Coppola is a Goddess.