Amor et melle et felle est fecundissmismus

painty23.jpgLove is rich with both honey and venom. I guess that's what makes it so exciting. I should open a smoothie bar and sell honey and venom shakes. I have a feeling these drinks would sell like slices of pizza to a group of stoned freshman in their first semester of college. I could probably retire and not have to travel so much. But I'd miss the excitement of the shows and the seductive pull of the stage. All I know is that I leave for Toronto on Tuesday and it's one city that I'm always to happy to visit. This time I'm fixing to drive in from Buffalo. I just checked the weather and it should be a balmy 30 degrees when I land. That's not too bad except for the fact that it's 30 degrees. My Dad says I should get a flu shot but I have a theory that they're dangerous and I don't trust them. I wonder if I'm just paranoid and I would like your opinions. 1. Do you guys trust flu shots? 2. Is there any money backing our U.S. dollar? New Years Eve is starting to look like a great show at The Casbah in San Diego It starts with- Gregory Page Then- Steve Poltz (me!) and The cynics next up The Truckee Brothers (full 4 piece band action!) Finally..... ring in the new year with......... The Rugburns! That's quite a lineup. Are there any questions? Always, Steve