Alone Again Naturally

Sitting on a plane humming along to a song playing in my head. The song? Alone Again Naturally by Gilbert O'Sullivan. Wow. I think this is in my all time top favorite songs ever. Great melody and very dark lyrics disguised under a bouncy beat. Unless you really listen to the whole song you don't really get what's going on. Even the guitar solo. It follows the melody perfectly and it's played on a nylon string guitar. I've just listened to this song 3 times a row on this flight and now I feel alright. I love sad songs. Sad songs and sad movies. I also love stories about death. I want to put out a coffee table book about people who died and how they died and if they had a feeling thy were about to die. So the book would have a picture of the person and what their routine was a couple of hours before they died and if they said anything weird that may have tipped off a belief that death was near. the book would interview those close to the persons who passed. I would buy this book if it existed. Ahhhhhhh life. So fleeting and so sad. Its beautiful. So beautiful. Sing along.

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