All show cancelled till Jan 2015

IMG_3824.JPGI just left the neurologist and all of my shows are cancelled until the new year. Doctor's orders. So sorry about this. I will make them up to you. I promise. They're still waiting on some tests and some results and he said it would be dangerous to my health to be out on the road with my hectic schedule. I'm hoping for good news by December and smooth sailing for 2015. Bummed because this was going to be a fun tour with Ellis Paul so please go say hi to him for me. Also say hi to Toad The Wet Sprocket. I'll miss them too. Also give Tim Flannery a hug from me. Also hug my old stomping grounds in Palm Springs. I'll be back and ready to kick some ass in the new year. All apologies. Life is wacky. Just when you think you're heading in a certain direction all of a sudden you're on a different road where you've never been.

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