Ahhhh! Another Stageit online show to view around the world!

20120129-131144.jpgFirst of all- last night was super duper trippy fun. I met thi really cool artist sculptor cool person named Chris Warr and it turns out that his first concert he ever saw was me playing at Java Joe's. Years ago. Years and years ago. And years. Anyways, he lives in the place where I played last night with a bunch if other artists and got to meet his family and check out his great art.

Now- I'm also excited about the fact that I've added another show online for the whole world wide web to watch and participate in instant chat while the show goes. It's another 39 minute show with an encore of 20 for a grand total of 50 minutes. CLIVK HERE! For more information. The show starts at 6 pm pacific time zone. On the dot! Can't wait to do this. Love, Steve