Advice needed 

This is a health sensitive question for my guy friends out there. I'm a little bit worried. This gets kind of personal so if you're a woman reading this you might want to bow out. It's up to you. You've been warned. Ok. Here goes. Yesterday in Mexico I was riding a bike and wearing shorts and as I was pedaling my scrotum popped outside of the net in my swimsuit. Somehow as I pedaled my scrotum got caught in the seat and ripped open and one of my testicles was hanging out of my ball sack attached to tendon or something. It actually ripped off and fell on the ground and a German shepherd saw it rolling all lopsided and started chasing it and barking. The damn dog actually picked it up and chewed it and spit it out. As the dog chewed it I could still feel some sort of phantom ball pain. Really weird.  Anyways I picked up the testicle and washed it off with a hose that was nearby but I don't think the water was clean. I took out a sewing kit and put the testicle back in and stitched myself back up but I'm wondering if I could still get an infection. Should I use Neosporin or hydrogen peroxide?  Has this ever happened to you?  Sorry to be so long winded but I'm kind of worried. Should I see a doctor?  Thank you. And please don't tell anyone about this. I am a public figure and your discretion is appreciated.

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