A video and a New Year's resolution

20111227-103300.jpgOk wow. Just a few days left in this crazy year. It's chilly this morning in San Diego. Of course, if you're in Aberdeen Scotland you're laughing at me for even saying this but hey, it feels kind of cold. Last night I watched 3 documentaries. Exit Through The Gift Shop, The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia and Up For Grabs. Talk about a lazy do nothing kind of night. Up For Grabs is a doc about two baseball fans who were in a legal battle over who caught Barry Bonds' 73rd home run. It's funny and insightful and irritating and it streams instantly on Netflix. Definitely worth watching even if you (God forbid) hate baseball. Exit Through The Gift Shop is amazing. I loved it and could watch it again. It's a great piece about obsession and street art and commerce. Banksy and Shepard Fairey provide really interesting points of view. Netflix instant streaming is so cool. The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia is like weird voyeurism mixed with outakes of Cops. It's like a car crash I couldn't quit watching. It's kind of depressing and hilarious at the same time. Cringe worthy and a great way to take a journey to Boone County West Virginia without having to leave your house. Once again available for instant streaming. I really liked the little trip I went on. Here's a video to watch of a performance of the song Dreamhouse I played at a venue in Southampton in The UK. Thanks to Snip for filming. I gave my New Year's resolution to this online mag. Read it here. Cheers! Steve

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