A small recap of Folk Alliance

20130225-232109.jpgFolk Alliance Thanks Toronto! Also thank you to Folk Alliance. What a fun trip it was. Saw a bunch of friends who are out there on the road hustling their tunes for people everywhere. Andrew Pressman and Raina Rose are two of the finest people in the folky world. If you've never been to Folk Alliance I can only try to explain it to you-- Lots and lots of crazy arse musicians singing songs in hotel rooms on 3 floors of a very large hotel. The Delta Chelsea is where it all happened this year in Toronto. So- floors 10, 11 and 12 were full of people doing 30 minute showcases. 100s of unplugged shows going on at the same time. As you walk down the very crowded hallways you're constantly rubbing shoulders with various musical cognoscenti. People are are drinking beers and stuff in the rooms and hallways and stairwells are filled with people carrying instruments and singing and jamming. The showcases go till 2:30am and then heaps of ad hoc jam sessions ignite wherever the energy flows. There's a sweet positive vibe and the musical jams go on and on until 8am. Then you sleep for maybe 3 hours and sleepy eyed people emerge for brekkie and tea. Panels are then held on various aspects of music. All kinds of topics from business to songwriting etc... I was on two panels and both of the rooms were packed with with people asking me questions and me improvising smartass answers. I played about 12 showcases in different hotel rooms and then I also played an official showcase in one of the hotel ballrooms. Some cool schtuff I saw-- Elephant Revival Rebecca Loebe Raina Rose Birds Of Chicago Amelia Curran Ana Vogelzang The Milk Carton Kids Matt The Electrician Tim Easton Anais Mitchell Nels Andrews AJ Roach Betty Soo Andrew Pressman Old Man Luedecke Mo Kinney Also Charlie Faye Will Sexton The Mastersons The Nadas The list goes on and on and on.... Glorious music! Glorious life!

Now I'm in Sedona Az for The Sedona Film Festival. Running Wild The Life Of Dayton O Hyde is showing here two times this week. I was lucky enough to do the soundtrack to this movie and the red rocked city is buzzing with energy.

Gonna sleep for a few winks now.