A private message to The Rugburns

houseback.jpgphoto by a drunk guy at a show at Cheers of Ramona Hi Rugburns, I don't know if other people can see this or not. (hopefully not) I think I made this private just for The Rugburns. Stinky, Doc, John and sometimes Gregory. I know that there's this thing called the internet where people all over the world can see and hear things but I am sure that this posting is super duper private. Anyways, I wrote this song from the point of view of someone getting divorced and wanting their house back. I thought it would make a good Rugburns song. I can hear people at The Casbah singing along and jumping up and down. Please learn it and practice it so we can shred it apart like the fools that we are. If somehow other people are reading this then I have screwed up royally and they will hear the song too. I hope they respect my privacy and have not figured out how to download this demo I made in my living room. That would creep me out because there is cussing in this song. Good luck learning it lads. Click below where it says Click here rugburns guys. I'm so secretive and smart. The internet rules for top secret stuff like this! love, Poltzy P.S. That was cool last time we were together naked in the shower before the show. I feel closer to you guys. CLICK HERE RUGBURNS GUYS!