a poem by my pa

pop.jpgHere is a poem by Joe Poltz that I put a little music to. You can hear him read it in his own great voice by clicking below. My Dad loves to watch westerns and it is really is fun to watch them with him. So I guess this poem is inspired from his watching all those old Gary Cooper films. My Mom will sit and do the crossword while my Pa watches the westerns. You can smell the food cooking in the kitchen and the sounds of the horses clopping along from the speakers of the TV set. Enjoy, laugh, read, eat and smile and watch old movies. SJJP Click Here to listen to Joe Poltz Read! A Hunted Man by Joe Poltz They came riding into town that day The three of them together The town folks said they were after me For I had slain their brother It happened in a saloon one night A woman was to blame We both were more than a little tight It really was a shame They called it a dirty drunken brawl The folks all gathered