A nice place to sleep in a trailer

20111119-120558.jpgParked the trailer on The Isle Of Whithorn and woke up to a beautiful gray wet view. The tides are crazy here and the accents are thick with a delightful brogue. I went to bed early last night after a very long walk. It was nice to have a night off to just chill out. The sky was so pretty as the night started creeping in. Beautiful old boats in Scotland.


20111119-121415.jpg Woke up to the sound of wind and waves and had some hot porridge. Now we are off to Edinburgh for a show tonight at The Liquid Room. But we are going to stop for some tea at this cool looking place.

20111119-121848.jpg Heh heh. Once a six year old always a six year old. See you tonight at the fabulous Liquid Room. New Scottish friends await. Thank you to The Steam Packet Inn for a lovely lovely dinner.

20111119-122155.jpg Haste ye back!

20111119-122514.jpg xoxoxo Steve