A heartfelt thankyou to Deano

Dear peanuts, What a great night in Ferntree Gully at Deano's house. He had this banner in his front yard which is from the artwork that Rosie Paull did. We had a didgeridoo player named Steve show up and join me on Rains. He had an amazing low c drone note happening. Everyone was dancing on the deck and jumping up and down like wild banshees. There was a guy from Belfast and another guy from Liverpool UK. There was a girl from Singapore and a Golden Retriever from Ferntree Gully. It was the United Nations of grooving freaks letting their flags fly. An eagle and a hawk rode on the back of an elephant while chimichangas were deep frying in scalding hot oil. 7 planes flew overhead in formation and people started crying. Rod Laver and Bjorn Borg slow danced together to Donna Summer singing about a last dance. I solved the riddle of peace in The Middle East and wrote my doctoral thesis on Pakistani nuclear reactor sites. Things were good and we made the most of it. Precious and few are the moments we two can share. All of us. More than two of us. Two plus two can have too much fun. Can can't can can. Best, Steve

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