A guy wakes up in a van

A guy wakes up in the bunk of a van at 4:20 am with one Chris Modl tapping his foot and yelling "hey Poltzy! It's 30 degrees outside come into the warm crappy ass Days Inn situated on the side of Interstate 5 in the middle of Diesel Truckville, USA." "Listen to those big trucks whine" -thank you Townes Van Zandt. "hey looky there! Over yonder there's a Denny's Restaurant open with real live truckers eating grand slams with extra sausages" I said. "I'm gonna watch Sportcenter in the room" Modl replies. "Oh wow. Ron Santo died. I remember him. Third base for The Cubbies. That makes me sad. Rest in peace Ron" I said. Now I'm awake in a dank smelling popcorn ceilinged room listen to Herr Modl saw logs. Zzzzzzz zzzzzzz It's sorta comforting like the sound of the cars whizzing by. White noise all around me. I'll be home this afternoon. Depending on LA traffic. You have to time it right. Parsley sage rosemary and thyme it right. Remember Zola Budd? Did she time it right? When have you offi ially lost it? When you know you're missing a c in a word but you prefer it c-less? It's offi ial. I've lost it. Cc c c c c ---->>>>>> c c c Even if there was a man in a pushcart selling c's après factory spare parts that I could put together I wouldn't give him even 1 Turkish Lira. "half a c! Half a c!" he shouts as his horse clickety clacks down cobblestoned alley ways with the most beautiful colors you've ever seen. A tangerine dream sunset that can make your heart literally melt like a grilled cheese sandwich. Love. LOVE. lOvE. "Upsy daisy Modl! Let's head south. I hear San Diego has nice Mexican breezes and palm trees." Wagons ho, Stevey Joe