98 pounder

98cropweb.jpgSo I guess I just had a birthday on the 19th of Feb and I am a wee bit older. I woke up at 5 in the morning with a cramp in my leg and I thought to myself, "is this what I have to look forward to? cramps in my legs? c'mon!" Later that day I went to see Pan's Labyrinth and was blown away. What is up with The Spanish and their movies? Is it in the water? Has anybody out there seen it? Anyways, I was thinking about my youth and I found this picture of me on the wrestling team back in high school at Palm Springs. We were the mighty Indians yes we were. The younger coach on the right is Coach Renfro who I mention in the song 98 pounder. The old timer on the left is Coach Wasson. I think he was from Oklahoma and know he had huge balls because they used to pop out of his wrestling singlet sometimes when he would show us poses and they would hang low and swing. He never knew it was happening (the poor guy was practically deaf from old age) and we would get the giggles as his balls swayed to-and-fro like a pendulum. Eventually Coach Renfo would threaten to end practice unless we quit giggling. Finally Coach Wasson would notice his old balls were hanging down and he would tuck them back in his uniform. I would have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Both of those coaches were great and I have wonderful memories. If Coach Renfro hadn't been there for me after I was cut from the basketball team it could have been a totally different life for me. I will never forget that moment. You know how in Back To The Future how when certain events didn't happen the city went to crap? That could have happened to me. I really mean that. I loved what Coach Renfro taught me. Thanks Coach! You are a great man and I will never forget you. Cheers to you! To see a bigger pop up of the team and see which one I am then click below. The white dots are at the top of my left should. I am next to Victor Mendoza, Freddy Hernandez and Orlando Buduan. Keith Sendejas is in fron of me. They were and still are my best friends. We lost weight together and rigged the scale when we were overweight and took ex lax and sat in saunas and generally made life hell for Coach Renfro. click here to find me I had initially intended to put the song 98 pounder on the original version of Chinese Vacation. That CD was produced by Steven Soles. He was the guy who produced One Left Shoe. Then I freaked out and scrapped the whole CD and re-recorded it in Austin. I found the version of 98 pounder this morning and here it is. Listen Here I hope you have a great day or week or whatever measure of time you wish to use. Love, SJJP