70's sunset Ma n Pa

This what I'm talking about! A sexy 70's photograph of Ma n Pa probably in Hawaii. I can smell the coconut suntan lotion and feel the breeze. That'd be cool if we just transport ourselves back to these moments. They look so happy and vibrant. Hell, they still are! Where the hell does all the time go? Man it just goes and goes and goes and next thing you know it's December 18th 2010 and you have a gig in Ramona at Cheers at 9pm.

Jeez, It's a sadder world today with the death of Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart upon us. His music always moved me and I have had many early morning dance parties to his music. Especially the song Tropical Hot Dog Night. I love horns in that freaking song and I especially love it when he screams "Meet the monster tonight!" But you also must listen to Harry Irene because it just makes me happy when he says "they took to social life like props to aviators."

I heard that the show at Cheers tonight is sold out. Thanks for supporting the gigs folks.

RIP Captain Beefheart


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