500 Jim Wiggins and Jerry Hannan

This is my 500th blog so I thought I should go back in time. So I am standing today in San Francisco with Jim Wiggins in the center and Jerry Hannan on the right. I met both of these guys years ago. Jim and I met in Portugal when I was busking through Europe. He went to Morocco with me back in 1988. I had just come over from Dublin, Ireland celebrating the millennium. Jim would wear a hat and take it off and walk around to people and they'd throw money in it if they liked me. We ate fresh sardines right off the grill in Lisbon and Sagres and drank port wine straight from the bottle. He's part of my fondest traveling memories. We had breakfast this morning in San Francisco at Brenda's and that's all I need to say. If you like French Creole food and the best biscuits ever then you'll love this place. Jim has traveled everywhere and if you read his blog you'll see what I'm talking about. The other dude in this picture is Jerry Hannan. He's wearing the top hat. I met Jerry back in 1989 on Catalina Island when I was busking on the pier. I had to take a leak and I didn't want to lose the crowd so Jerry asked if he could play a couple of songs. He was great and we became fast friends. He plays all over the place so I recommend you go see him and get his music. I love him. His songs are witty and engaging and funny. His voice is great and his showmanship is awesome. It's a sweet life and this is only the beginning. Tonight I play Santa Cruz, California at The Crepe Place. The show starts at 9 and the food and people are peachy. Peace love and apple jacks, Steve