360 degree video of Stonehenge

20111115-135743.jpgOk. I was freezing my gahzengas off at Stonehenge. Gahzengas is a new Druid word I made up that means balls or testicles or family jewels or nuts. So I was generously given this really cool 360 degree video camera from this cool dude David who runs this company. So if you want to watch the video 360 then go THIS LINK and you may have to sign up (takes a sec) but it's worth it. I promise. Then on your iPhone or droid use your finger on your touch screen to twirl the video from a different angle to see everything. If you're on a computer then use your mouse or touch pad to scroll along the video and see what I was seeing at Stonehenge. It's super cool! I love and miss you cats. Meow, Steve