30a songwriters festival la la la la la

IMG_4424.JPGTruth --- So I'm at this festival called The 30A Songwriters Festival in South Walton Florida and tonight I played the opening night party with Kim Richey, Glen Phillips, Liz Longley, Shawn Mullins and Rodney Crowell. We swapped songs and stories and it was a hoot of the highest order of hoot owls. Everyone was in a happy opening night music festival mood. I remembered most of the words to my songs and this made me smile. It was a great night.

Lies-- Then all of a sudden there were flying monkeys hanging from the rafters throwing grapes at us from a distance of about 21 yards. I got hit in the eye and the grape exploded like a firecracker of grapey goodness. One of the Hoot Owls got into a fight with one of the Monkeys and they were swinging to and fro and scratching and biting each other while people screamed in fear. After they evacuated the place we watched The Poseidon Adventure and The Marathon Man and ate Screaming Yellow Zonkers. Then I took my shoes off and set them on fire because I wanted to be like Abebe Bikila and run a barefoot marathon.

Truth and lies-- Now I'm back at my flat and I'm ready to crash but there's a gator in my soup. Excuse me, waiter? There's an alligator in my soup. It tastes just like a chicken who grew up in the swamp eating catfish. I think I'll watch an episode of Justified and see what it's all about. I'm so sleepy I'll only last 3 minutes. Zzzzzz

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