York York York

20111206-122706.jpgYork Very pretty. Went to The York Minster. They started building it in the 1200's. Took 'em 250 years to finish it. Crazy eh? Stained glass from so long ago it makes the mind warp just to think about it. There are people buried inside this place and crypts down below. I went to the top of the tower and couldn't believe the view.

20111206-135242.jpg The show we played was really cool. In a venue called The Duchess. Low ceilings and very intimate. A great place for candles and stories and fiercely plucked guitars. I really liked that show. It started snowing and holy crap it was cold. Tonight we play in Chester at Telfords Warehouse. It's Dec 6th and I'm nearing closer to the final stretch of this tour. Shows every night and the travel ain't too bad. Hopefully the snow stays away while we travel. Remember:::: --- Blessed Are The Peacemakers.

20111206-135522.jpg Peace, Steve