3 Acres

20111116-165753.jpgWe may look and sleep like hobos but sometimes we eat like Kings. For instance, just now we're leaving 3 Acres and our bellies are full and warm and smiling. It feels like Thanksgiving day and I want to curl up by a fire and fall asleep to the sounds of Julian Bream on classical guitar. Oh my the food was good. The scallops for starters? Well, here's a shot of the last lonely one.

20111116-165859.jpg Then a parsnip and beet salad. Wow. Parsnips ya say? Who woulda thunk they could taste so scrumptious. Steve

20111116-172231.jpg Chris had the pork chop. Shiza Minelli that thing was good. Seasoned to perfection.

20111116-170219.jpg I had this plate of battered Whitbury cod and chips with a mango chutney sauce.

20111116-170307.jpg Others had fish pie. And it looked heaven sent.

20111116-170412.jpg Finished the whole deal off with a dessert called parkan Parkin. Can't remember. It was a spice cake to rival all other spice cakes on the planet.

20111116-170610.jpg Mr Glenn Tilbrook has turned me to using this app called the good pub guide. We look for pubs with a red dot by them and go in search of gastronomical delights in the countryside. It's bloody civilized I tell you. We may look burnt out but we have good taste. Tonight we play in Holmfirth at The Picturedrome. I go on at 8 so don't be late. Hasta, Steve