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Texas sunrise this morning!

Videoranch3D, Tuesday Mar 15th, 2011

Steve Poltz will be playing LIVE in Videoranch3D on Tuesday March 15th, at 4PM Central Time.

Videoranch3D is a 3D virtual world on the internet, where LIVE musical performances occur in real-time, attended by a virtual audience from all over the world.

This is a virtual concert you attend by logging on from a computer.

Attendance is free so tell all your friends and fans!

To attend the show, you need high speed internet access and newer computer with Windows on it (Intel Macs work great if Windows is installed).

Go to Click on "Visit Videoranch 3D" Choose a Name and Password

Register, Download and install Videoranch3D. Log in

That's all there is to it!

Once inside Videoranch3D, you can move around, dance, cheer, see, chat with and meet other members of the audience.

It's easy, fun and there are plenty of live people in world standing by to help you.

Steve Poltz will be able to see your Avatar, talk to you, and read your comments.

All LIVE and in REAL TIME.

Show Times Around the world for Tuesday March 15th 2011:

Pacific Time: 2PM to 3PM Mountain Time: 3PM to 4PM Central Time: 4PM to 5PM Eastern Time: 5PM to 6PM UK Time: 9PM to 10PM European Continent: 10PM to 11PM New Zealand Time: Wednesday, March 16th 10AM to 11AM Sydney AU: Wednesday, March 16th 8AM to 9AM Tokyo: Wednesday, March 16th 6AM to 7AM

4pm CST show

Note: If you don’t have Windows or you’re on an older computer you can watch the live feed here. Find out more information by emailing or calling 1-831- 394-8800.