Last night was my 13th show in 13 days. That’s a lot of energy to put out there. I can’t seem to NOT give it everything I have. I have to go full bore full tilt. Sometimes I wonder how long I can keep going like this. I think I need more sleep. I played in North Sydney in Cape Breton Nova Scotia Canada. So far from everywhere. This is the town my mom grew up in. I saw her sister. My Aunt Roseanne. It was an emotional show. A roller coaster ride of emotion. I felt my mom’s ghost. Her presence was immediate.

Something weird happens when I play this many shows in a row. It’s like I never got off stage. So the shows get a little weirder and riskier because I feel like I’m still on stage and all warmed up. Last night I played two separate shows which made it even more intense. And both shows had two sets each.

I used to hate taking a break in the middle of a show but now I like an intermission.

I get to chill for a sec and drink lots of water. Sometimes I even change my T-shirt because I’m drenched. Plus, you sell more merch if you take a break. That’s a fact. I’ve only learned it from playing so many shows. If you play one super long set people are don’t and they want to go home and will not be as willing wait in a line to buy merch.

I appreciate all of you merch buyers. It really helps with tour expenses. Rental cars and hotels and food are a necessity and you guys really help out when you buy music and shirts and hats and posters etc. I love you guys.

But two shows in one day actually means 4 sets.

The other cool thing about a break is that people are able to request certain songs.

I always try to be available to sign stuff and take pictures. I feel that that’s what Willie Nelson would do and he’s my spirit animal. I love his work ethic.

I never ever go into it without giving it everything. Sometimes at first my voice sounds raw and beat after so many shows. But then it warms right up. I’m blessed with a very strong loud voice and it’s able to take a beating.

My guitar is also able to take a beating. I only need one. And one pair of jeans and one pair of boots and one denim shirt. I’m a minimalist. I only need oatmeal in the morn and maybe a couple hard boiled eggs and a piece of sour dough toast with real butter. And a cup of PG Tips English Breakfast tea.

My guitar is cracked all over and beat to hell but I love it so much. I love the way it feels in my arms. It’s a part of my body. God I’m so lucky I was given this gift of music.

I have 3 shows left on the tour. It’ll be 16 shows in 16 days. All in Canada. I love Canada. I love anywhere. Everywhere is magic. Just look for it.

This photo is from Sydney in Cape Breton Nova Scotia.

steve poltz